MiniArt German Tank Crew France 1940

A new release from MiniArt is kit 35191, containing 5 German tank crew members dressed in uniforms for France in 1940. With 5 crew members you’re looking at a Panzer III or IV, or perhaps splitting them up across a couple of other vehicles. They are sculpted in resting or relaxed poses and will work well on a vehicle that is away from the front lines.

The jackets don’t seem to have the 3 buttons that were added in the second style of the jacket, so they appear to be the early version of the jacket that was first issued in 1936. The headgear was abolished in Jan 1941, but was still used by crews of the Panzer type 38(t), of Czech manufacture, for drivers and co-drivers of armored personnel carriers, and according to order HM 41, No. 277 dated 7 March 1941, for drivers and co-drivers of armored tractors of the type Sd.Kfz.251. Although out of production in 1941, it continued to be worn after this date. So, you have a bit of scope for using this set outside of ‘France 1940’, defimately before and after in the right circumstances.

The instructions are on the back of the box, in colour, and nice and clear. There are colour references for Vallejo, Testors, Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell, Mr. Colour and Life Colour – more than enough!

There are 5 small sprues, 3 of them attached together, all inside a single plastic bag. Each small sprue is one figure, each made of 7 parts. The detail on the plastic is very good, as you can see in the attached images. Overall this is a very nice set of figures that can be used for 1 or 2 early panzers.

Many thanks for MiniArt for sending the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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