Lifelike Decals 48-046 P-47D  Thunderbolt Part 8

This new decal sheet from Lifelike Decals is designed for Tamiya’s P-47D kits, although I think they will work with any P-47D kits.  The set consists of:

  • 2 A4 sheets of single-sided colour instructions
  • 1 half A4 sheet showing black & white stencil placement.
  • 1 decal sheet 17cm x 13cm
  • 1 decal sheet 16cm x 9.5cm
  • 1 decal sheet 4.5cm x 7.5cm

The decals arrived in a padded envelope from the manufacturer. Your supplier may package differently. The set is inside a zip-lock style bag and the bag has plenty of space so it is easy to get the sheets in and out. The smallest sheet is loosely attached to the large sheet to stop it moving around in the bag too much – a nice touch.

The sheet covers 3 aircraft:

  1. P-47D-30-RA, 44-33416, Germany, Spring 1945.
  2. P-47D-23-RA, 42-27886, Leyte, November 1944 to Jan 1945.
  3. P-47D-6-RE 42-74726, Debden, England, Nov 1943 to Mar 1945.

The first  aircraft is a bubble-top and the latter 2 are razorbacks.

There’s one complete set of stencils, although you will have some left over. You can just about make 2 of the aircraft Lifelike Decals P-47D Part 8from the larger decals, although depending what you choose you might have to find some other decals yourself. Whatever way you do it you will have most of a second aircraft left over on the sheets.

The 2 A4 sheets are folded in half to make a small booklet. The cover shows a port side view of each of the aircraft and the other half of this sheet shows top and bottom of each aircraft. These views could be a little larger, but for the Lifelike Decals P-47D Part 8few large decals that would be positioned using these views, the information is enough. This page also lists the 19 references that were used in producing the sheets – yes 19 references! This is a very good idea and points you in the right direction if you want to find out more for yourself. The second A4 sheet gives you port side views of the aircraft scan0002and decal placement with brackets to indicate decal placement on the starboard side. Aircraft #2 has 2 options as the central band of the horizontal stripe can be seen in 2 different colours in different references. There is also a short description of each aircraft as well describing the paint schemes, special instructions and which of the 19 references are used for a particular aircraft. The extra information will come in really handy in getting your aircraft right. The half A4 sheet shows top, bottom and port razorback and starboard bubbletop views with the stencil placements clearly indicated. Some of these you might have to research the orientation for yourself as it’s not clear from this sheet.

Another thing I like is that Lifelike Decals have updates to sheets on their website. If further information is found out about a particular aircraft the post it here and where needed, offer correction sheets if you contact them.

Most of the decals are printed in Japan by Microscale, apart from the small nose art sheet that needed off-set printing, which was printed by Cartograf. The carrier film is minimal and the colours are clear and everything seems in register. The decals with text are all readable apart from the smallest ones – if your eyes are good enough!

This sheet will cost roughly $18.00, depending where you live.

A highly recommended set of decals for a both razorback and bubbletop P-47s, with a good variety of aircraft. My own favourite is option #2. The instructions are good overall and excellent in places and Lifelike Decals backs up their products on their website and encourages you to let them know what you think. It’s nice to see a manufacturer who is trying to engage with the modelling community.

Many thanks to Lifelike Decals for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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