The latest Luftwaffe im Focus, issue 24, arrived in the mail this week.
“Luftwaffe im Focus” is a german Luftwaffe magazine, acquired by a team of 20 famed Luftwaffe experts. It is published roughly three times a year. In each volume you will find about 60 unpublished photos from private collections with detailed information and articles in German and English about special Luftwaffe subjects. Each issue has, among others, the following chapters:

  • Combat photos
  • Portraits
  • Story behind the photos
  • Captured aircraft
  • Unknown emblems
  • Documents
  • Personal emblems
  • Equipment
  • Unusual photos
  • Tailplanes
  • and much more

The photos are all published in a large scale and in high quality on heavy glossy paper. A magazine for historical interested people and modellers alike.

  • Authors: Axel Urbanke
  • Publisher:Luftverlag-Start
  • Language: German/English
  • Release date: Nov 2015
  • ISBN: 978-3-941437-26-5
  • Size: soft cover, A4 size
  • Pages: 48
  • Paper: Glossy
  • ·Photos: 55 photos, 4 coloured, 6 maps and 1.5 colour profiles.
  • Price: varies but in N.America and airmail it is 22.80 Euro – about $24.00 US.

Table of contents for this issue:

  • Training Aircraft: Macchi C.202 in Sweden
  • Editorial: In this editorial Axel states that he is hearing that interest in the Luftwaffe during WW2 is waning. I must agree when he says that he heard often that captions in some publications are short and boring – I have seen those myself and they do turn me off the book in question. Bad captions just leave me wanting to know more about the images in question and feeling that the authors didn’t do enough research. These days I tend to only buy books that are thoroughly researched and documented – such as the “im Focus” magazines and other books by Luftverlag-Start.
  • Reader’s Forum: updates from readers to images in previous issues.
  • Fighters: Bf 109 G-6 and G-10
  • Transport Aircraft: Me 323
  • Tails: Who wore a map of Scapa Flow on their tail?
  • Colour Photos: The spotted Do 17 in the west – including some rare colour photos that resolve some long held questions.
  • Aircraft in Focus: Fw 190 in Italy Autumn 1943 II./SG4 supports the army
  • Documents: The North Cape Stone. In the summer of 1941 someone flew to the North Cape off the top of Norway and brought back a souvenir.
  • Armament: An extra 4 MG for the nose of a Ju88 of KG 51, with enough photos to make it for yourself.
  • Unusual: “There’s no beer in Poland” and a photograph that would make a lovely Hs126 diorama.
  • Scenery: The scenery this time is “oil”. Various aircraft that have succumbed to oil leaks and are covered in varying amounts of oil from various places.
  • Fates: The grave of an unidentified fighter pilot form the eastern front.
  • Nightfighters: Two good quality photos of Ju88G on the back cover.

This issue is, as usual, full of photos you are guaranteed to have not seen before. The research is excellent and each photo is fully described in both the captions and the accompanying text for the articles. Luftwaffe im Focus remains at the forefront of Luftwaffe research. If you’re interested in the Luftwaffe and want to see new material, then this is a publication for you.

There is still a good market for these publications. I saw 3 older issues sell for around $50 each on EBay in the last week. Quality speaks for itself!

The photographs are just loaded with diorama ideas for the modeller.

Highly recommended for both modellers and Luftwaffe enthusiasts.
If you’re going to buy a copy, do it soon as once they’re gone, they get expensive on the second hand market and they don’t get republished very often. I think so far only issues 1-3 got reprinted and they sold out very quickly.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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