The Weathering Magazine – Desert Issue

I’m happy to see the latest issue of The Weathering Magazine has arrived on my doorstep and this issue is on desert weathering, so expect plenty of dust and sand!

The magazine consists of:

  • 70 pages
  • 9 articles (although the contents page only shows 6?)
  • English language although the magazine is also available in Spanish, French and Russian.
  • $8.86 ($15.59 incl shipping) from Ammo although it works out cheaper ($11.35 incl shipping) with a subscription.

This issue starts with an article on a 1/35 Pz. IV of the DAK. This build concentrates on chipping and dust, and over the next 7 pages you are taken step by step through various techniques. The build uses washable Ammo paint and washable effects fluid. I did get a bit confused when the tools were chipped to reveal their colours, as there was no mention of the tools getting painted anything other than sand colour. I’m assuming they were painted in their real colours, then covered in worn effects fluid and then sand coloured paint, before being chipped. Then it moves onto adding dust to various parts of the tank and finally painting and weathering the Fruil tracks. The whole build is covered in 36 steps.

Next is a very different diorama of the rusty hulk of an old pre-WW1 submarine in the desert – based on such hulks in the Tunisian desert. We’re taken through the whole scratch build process for the submarine and base in 15 steps.

The following article is from one of my favourite moviess, a build of Luke’s Landspeeder from Star Wars. He takes a resin kit and weathers it beautifully, using multiple layers, to fit in on Tatooine. This paint job uses multiple techniques over 21 steps and is not a straightforward process, but the final result is very lifelike.

What follows is ‘New Dust Technique’ by Mig Jiminez. He takes a 1/35 BMP-1 and starts with a realistic dust technique and then goes to create dust effects with chipping fluid before mixing dust with grease and smoke effects. All in all this is a very involved 49 step process but the end result is magnificent.

Now we have a 1/10 scale bust in which the techniques for painting the face, equipment and uniform are covered in 21 steps. For may taste the contrast on the face appears a little high in places, but maybe that’s the photography. There’s no getting away from the skills and techniques employed in the painting and weathering though.

Next is an article on weathering a desert Zaku II. This is covered in 12 simple steps, but an excellent resource would also be the recent videos on weahtering a Zaku from AMMO, one of which is located here.

Something akin to Mad Max is next with a walk through detailing the desert road base as well as the car. There are 26 steps for the base and a further 16 for the car.

The next article is in 1/56 scale and features a Pz. III ausf. J with 3 figures and a base. The article goes through the creation of a neat crackling effect on the base, like the dried up bed of a river, over 10 steps. Next the Pz. III is weathered in 14 steps, with a final 3 steps on painting weathering figures in this scale.

The final article is a CMP truck from WWII recently abandoned in the desert. The article covers 34 steps of which about 6 cover the creation of the base for the vehicle. The painting and weathering of the vehicle is covered in detail and leads to a very nice final result.


This issue of the weathering magazine contains everything you need to know to weather your model, whatever it is, as if it has lived out in the sun with the sand and dust for far too long. I particularly like the coverage given to creating some nice simple diorama bases. This magazine complements nicely the second issue on ‘dust’, without going over the same ground again. For me there are a few highlights, but mostly the ‘New Dust Technique’ and the CMP article. If you’re going to build something that lives in the desert then this issue is highly recommended as all you need to know to weather it correctly is somewhere in this issue.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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