This aftermarket set, for a 1/350 HMS Belfast, comes in Master Model’s usual packaging. The 4 different types of parts are in their own bags, with all these bags and the instruction sheet inside another sealed bag, with a card stiffener. All this is then stapled shut as well with a card header.

The instructions are very clear and straightforward. For the 6″ guns you replace the plastic parts with the parts in the kit using the assembly images shown.  For the 4″ guns you simply remove the plastic barrels, drill a 0.5 mm hole in the existing plastic and insert the new brass barrels with cyanoacrylate.

The quality of the brass and resin parts is very good. Just a little bit of work and you now have hollowed out 6″ and 4″ gun barrels.

The set is available for approx $19.00 US, depending where you shop.

Many thanks to Master Model for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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