Another new release from Iliad is a set for the 1/48 P-47 of National Guard Units. There are more kits than I can name out there for P-47D and P-47N, but the instructions state the decals were designed to fit the Revell P-47N. It doesn’t say anything about which kit the P-47D decals were designed for, but a quick email to Bob at Iliad confirmed that they should fit any P-47D kit.

The set contains decals for 3 different subjects:

  • P-47N, 489337, 198th FS, Puerto Rico ANG, 1947
  • P-47N, 488854, 199th FS, Hawaii ANG, 1947
  • P-47D, 104th FS, Maryland ANG, 1946.

All 3 aircraft are mostly natural metal with a little bit of olive drab thrown in for good measure.

There are no stencils on the set, but then again the decal sheet in any modern kit itself will probably have them.

The decals arrived in a stiff cardboard envelope and are inside a single Ziploc type bag. Inside the bag are:

  • 1 Letter/A4 sized double sided colour instruction sheet
  • 1 Decal sheet

The instructions are printed on standard paper and are in full colour. The front side shows a port side view of all 3 aircraft with part views of the starboard side to show the decal placements. There are also tips about the individual variations of the aircraft. On the reverse this sheet has the upper and lower surfaces of all 3 aircraft. It shows the placing of anti-glare areas and also what to do with the decals that go over the undercarriage doors. There are also images to help you get the decals placed right that go over the intercooler doors and more notes about the variations in each aircraft.

If you want more references, go to Iliad Design’s Facebook page as they have posted a couple of photos of some of the options.

The decal sheet itself is clearly printed with strong vibrant colours. There’s minimal carrier film beyond the edges of the decals and everything looks in register. I can’t see anywhere where it says who does the decal printing, but they do a good job, whoever they are. The organisation of the decals is very good and will allow you to get the decals that are in parts laid down very nicely. There are small images to help you with the finer details, but what could be a tricky job with some other decal sheets looks to be made simple here.

This decal sheet covers some unusual P-47 subjects. If you want to have a go at a natural metal finish then this sheet is a good place to start.

Many thanks to Iliad Decals for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International



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