This decal sheet contains decals for 2 aircraft from Matsushima Airbase

  • 43-8126 in 30th Anniversary of 21 Sq. markings, 2006
  • 33-8119 in JASDF 50th Anniversary markings, 2004

The sheet only contains enough stencils for one aircraft, however if you need another set of stencils, DXM has them available from their website as item 41-4113 and it looks like you also get a free metal pitot tube into the deal. In this scale, the only kit in town is the one by Hasegawa.

The F-2B is a 2 seat trainer version of the F-2A with 94 being produced between 2000 and 2011. As of 2014 there were 61 single-seaters flying, and 21 two-seat trainers. The F-2 looks like an F-16, but is slightly bigger all round and a completely new design.

The decals arrive in a self-sealing plastic bag, with a tab at the top for hanging the bag on a sales rack in a store. The top folds over the bottom of the bag and has a sticky stripe on it to seal it. I found that the sticky stripe tends to stick to everything, so I folded the sticky tab back on itself and sealed the bag with a second, smaller, piece of tape. Inside the bag is:

  • A single A4/Letter sized, double sided, colour sheet of decal placement instructions.
  • Main decal sheet.

The instruction sheet uses one half of one side for the cover. If you open the sheet you will see top, bottom, port and starboard side views of an F-2B with the placement of all decals except the ones specifically to do with the anniversary schemes. Colours for the aircraft are also given in Mr. Color and Humbrol. From these views you can also see the colour schemes of the aircraft. On the back of the instruction sheet you can see 2 side views of each aircraft showing the placement of the main anniversary decals, and again the colours are shown in Mr. Color and Humbrol.

The decals themselves are by Cartograph, so the quality of obviously very good. The amount of extra carrier film seems to be almost non-existent in places. The decals themselves seem very thin, in register and the colours seem good too. All in all, everything we have come to expect from Cartograph.

Overall this is a very well put together decal sheet, with good instructions and high quality decals of a colourful and unusual subject.

Many thanks to DXM Decals for the review sample. You can buy this set from the DXM Decals shop.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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