Somehow the review for book 1 in this series is coming after the review for book 2. I think I bought book 2 and enjoyed it so much I bought book 1. Both books are on Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft and neither will disappoint.

The book consists of 66 glossy A4 pages with a softcover. For readers outside Europe, A4 is about the same size as letter size.

The book starts with an 11 page brief history of the type. The type was not built in great numbers nor in many versions, so in the 11 pages there is quite a lot of detail, from the first build by Hamburger Flugzeugbau, through the Bv141A , to the last Bv 141B-1. This section contains what seems to be most of the information that is available on the Bv141, supported with a lot of period photographs.

The next section is the meat of the book and covers the technical aspects of the aircraft. The easiest way to show what it covers is to list the topics and how many pages each topic uses:

  • Cockpit Pod
    • Cockpit Interior 5 pages
    • Canopy & Nacelle 4 pages
  • Undercarriage
    • Main 2 pages
    • Tail 1 page
  • Boom & Tail
    • Boom 2 pages
    • Tailplanes 2 pages
    • Vertical Fin & Rudder 1 page
  • Controls and Control Surfaces 2 pages
  • Wings 3 pages
  • Engine & Nacelles 3 pages
  • Weapons
    • Armament 4 pages
    • Sighting 1 page
    • Bombs & Racks 3 pages
  • Electrical Equipment
    • Camera 1 page
    • Misc Electrical 1 pages
  • Access panels etc 1 page

As you can see the whole of the aircraft is covered and if you look at the attached photos you can see the level of detail it goes into. With this book you can open up panels and have a reasonable go at scratchbuilding what would be found inside. The level of detail given is really quite impressive considering the limited amount of information that is available about the Bv 141. If you want to superdetail the cockpit then this is the book for you.

What follows next is 9 pages on the colour schemes used on the Bv 141. There’s a page of 5 colour views of each the Bv 141A and Bv 141B along with 2 pages showing colour side views of pretty much all the variations of the aircraft. The rest of the pages discuss the standard colours used along with the insignia used. This is backed up by numerous period balck and white photographs. With this section you can be sure you will get the colours and patterns right.

Finally there’s a 4 page step by step build of the Hobby Boss 1/48 Bv 141B and a page listing all the kits, aftermarket and books on this aircraft.

Overall I think this is an excellent book and if you want to research the Bv 141 then this book is a must have. If you’re building a model of the Bv 141 and want to do anything other than just build out of the box, then this reference book is perfect for you.

With the first 2 books in the series being the Bv 141 and Fw 189 I was kind of hoping the 3rd one would be on the Hs 126, but sadly, at least for me, it was on the Macchi MC. 202. Here’s hoping for more Luftwaffe titles in this series!

This book is available from the Valiant Wings website.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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