The book is in landscape format with the pages being printed on quality, glossy, paper and the size is approximately A4/Letter size. All the text throughout the book is both in English and Hungarian. The English translation is very good.

The book starts with a 2 page introduction which starts by saying this book covers the eastern front from 1942-44. It then goes over the changes in unit organisation and changes to the StuG III over that time period.

Ironically, despite the introduction saying this book cover the eastern front from 1942-44, the first photo is of a StuG III Ausf A crossing into Luxembourg on May 10 1940. There are a few photos from outside the scope of “eastern front 42-44”, but nothing that is going to detract from your enjoyment of the book.

The photos are all large, with one photo per page. The photos are all in focus, clear and well chosen to cover a variety of situations. The captions are all well written and very informative, and as stated earlier, in both English and Hungarian. The photos cover Ausf A through to G with more of the later variants than the earlier. The photos also cover all the seasons of the year and from very clean to very dirty and destroyed Stug IIIs. If you want to weather your StuG III realistically then there are going to be photos in here for you.

Overall this book is a good quality reference for the StuG III, whether you’re building a clean or weathered model. This book is highly recommeded if you have a StuG III in your stash or are interested German armour.

Many thanks to Peko for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International –


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