The Blohm und Voss P.178 was a proposed jet powered single-seat dive bomber of asymmetrical design. It was one of many paper projects that were discovered by the Allies after the defeat of Germany in 1945. Blohm und Voss had a history of designing asymmetric aircraft, the most famous being the BV.141 reconnaissance aircraft and light bomber. The P.178 featured a streamlined fuselage housing the pilot, fuel tank and bomb bay. Two 15mm MG 151 cannons were to be mounted in the nose and two small rocket engines mounted in the rear fuselage. A 500kg bomb could be carried internally, or a larger 1000kg bomb could be carried semi-recessed. The straight wing carried a Junkers Jumo 004 jet engine mounted in a pod to the right of the main fuselage. No performance estimates were available for this aircraft

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International –


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