Tiran in Lebanese Wars

In the 1967 and 1973 wars Israel captured many T-55s from Syra and Egypt. They then refurbished and upgraded many of them for their own use, renaming them Tiran 4 and 5, and finally sold many overseas and supplied some to sympathetic groups in Lebanon. This book is a photo journal of the Tiran’s used in the Lebanese wars by pro-Israeli groups.

This book contains over 300 colour photographs and 6 colour profiles over 96 glossy paper pages.

The book starts with an introduction about the author, Samer Kassis, written by Mig Jiminez. Samer is a native of Lebanon and has experienced first hand the troubles of his country and the photographs in this book were all taken by him. Then there follows a brief 2 page history of the Tiran and its service in Lebanese groups sympathetic to Israel.

The book is then split into:

  • In Service
  • Maneuvers
  • Knocked Out
  • Variations
  • Abandoned
  • Rarities Monuments
  • Walk Around
  • Profiles

The chapter titles tell you what each covers, and each photograph is explained with short captions. The photographs are all of good quality and the captions are very good and by the end of the book you will be able to notice the subtleties in the fixtures and fittings of the various Tirans. The ideas for dioramas and modifications to the basic kit are endless.

A strong point of the book is the excellent coverage of the weathering and wear and tear of the vehicles in service. The book covers the tanks from almost brand new to the burnt out wrecks and everything in between with chips, scratches, rust, graffiti and damage. All in all, whatever level of weathering and extra detailing you want to add to your Tiran, there is something here for you.

A final nice touch I think is the back cover is an advert for the fine Tamiya 1/35 Tiran.

Many thanks to AMMO for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International – www.modelbuilderinternational.com 


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