This 1/35 photo etch set, S35-006 from ET Model, is for the Hobbyboss Defender 110 kit#82448.  It features some nice detail upgrades, add-ons and replacements.  There are 4 frets of photo etched brass, each protected by a thin plastic film on the front and back.  The two big frets are secured to a piece of black card stock and the rest, two smaller frets and a plastic printed film, bundled in a small zip lock bag.  I had a really hard time trying to get sprue D out of the zip lock bag because it was just too tight and accidentally bent it.  I pressed it out as best I could however you can see the bend in the fret photo.  I would suggest cutting the bag open on at least two sides to prevent damage to the fret; I am amazed it fit in there in the first place.  There are 3 pages of instructions printed on 2 sheets of green paper.

There is a breakdown by section of what is in the set.

Front Fenders – There are 1 piece protective grill covers for the front headlights, which you curve to shape and flatten the tabs to mount them over the headlights.  There is a replacement air intake which will require the removal of the molded on kit detail.  The PE screens do a great job looking like the real thing, I counted the slats and compared it to the real thing and they were a match!  The mounting box for the antennas is greatly enhanced by the replacement PE parts.  You’ll need to carefully removed the molded on kit detail and replace it with the PE assembly comprised of a top and bottom assembly.  The parts are folded and inserted together to form the flat box shape.   These box assemblies mount to the top of the fender exactly where the original kit detail was.  There are two small PE parts for the turn signal lights/reflectors on the fender sides which will require the removal of the kit detail.  PE mud flaps are comprised of two parts which mount together.  The bolt details will need to be pressed out to the correct 3D relief.

Antenna Box Mounts – Two PE antenna box mounts are provided with part A3 comprising the box when folded to shape.  Securing tabs on the panels fold down to form the securing tabs with bracket detail.  There is a tiny rectangular box B6 which is folded to shape and mounted to the side of the antenna box.  The antenna box assemblies mount to the flat square mounting points which were added to the front fenders in the first step.  Check your references as they are seen mounted as needed with extra radio equipment.  When doing my research I came across many examples with one, both or none; the most common arrangement being none.

Radiator Grill – This assembly replaces the kit plastic grill piece.  It features 9 horizontal grill slats A30 which attach to 4 vertical slats A29.  It looks a little tricky however the notches will help and when several are in place it will be much easier to install the rest.  A small PE Land Rover badge attaches to the grill slats finishing off the grill assembly.  The grill inserts into the plastic kit frame part B9.

Spare Tire Mount – A PE spare tire mount replaces kit part A34 and features a flat ring and a bar with three holes.  The bar is bent to shape and attaches to the ring.  You will have to make the three tube pieces which attach in the middle of the tire mount along with two small blocks for mounts under the ring.  There is no guidance in the instructions as to the dimensions for these parts so you’re on your own.  While researching the tire mount I noticed the two outer bars should have holes for the lug nuts which secure the tire to the mount; the center bar is a bit longer and has a rounded tip.

Tool Brackets and Mounts – Intricate PE brackets are provided for mounting and securing the shovel, pick axe and any other tools.  Some of the bracket parts are very small and require bending so proper folding tools and good magnification are a must.  The crude molded on clamp detail of the kit parts will need to be removed; the PE replacement parts are a huge improvement of the generic bands of the molded on the kit parts.  The shovel blade gets a PE replacement as does the mounting bracket for the pick axe head.  The plastic detail will need to be carefully removed from the pick axe head.  The PE bracket has a much better scale thickness and shape.  A small butterfly nut attaches to the top of the pick head.  Some small holes must be drilled into the body panels to accept the pins on the mounting brackets.

Interior – Interior details include PE clutch, brake and gas pedal levers and textured footpads.  A plastic film with printed speedometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, analog clock and notification lights inserts between the dash and instrument panel bezel kit part A20.  Two PE seat belts and corresponding buckles add to the interior detail.  The seat belt is secured to the mounting bracket with a short length of 0.5mm ABS rod, the length of which is not specified in the instructions.  PE securing clips add the missing detail in the twin weapon rack.

Rear Fenders – Each rear fender receives 12 replacement tie down clips and a U shaped bracket which replace the molded on clip detail which will need to be removed.  There is a PE securing bracket and clasp for the access panel on both sides of the vehicle just in front of the rear wheel wells.  A PE mounting bracket, disk and attachment brackets are mounted to an ABS rod 1.0mm x 16mm which you must provide.  You will also need to make a U shaped clamp for securing the rod in place and unfortunately there is no guidance in the instructions as to its size so you are on your own.  PE mud flaps are comprised of two parts which mount together.  The bolt detail must be pressed out to achieve the proper 3D relief.

Cargo Area – The rear cargo area of the Defender has a tube frame which provides the support structure for both the soft or hard top.  This set adds PE reinforcement braces and bolt heads which install between the angled support frames on each side near the front.  There is a PE cargo restraining mesh which attaches to the front of the cargo protecting the front passengers from loose cargo.

Vehicle Rear – Two PE tie down clamps replace the molded on clamps which will need to be removed.  PE parts A42 and A43 attach to extend the bumper on both sides.  A PE assembly representing what I believe to be the electric trailer light hookup is folded to shape and attached to the rear bumper replacing the kit details which will need to be removed.  There are two of what appear to be electrical access panels which mount to the upper rear of the hardtop on either side.  I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find a photo with those covers installed; perhaps they allow for the addition of tail lamps or radio antennas?

Front windscreen – PE replacement windshield wipers attach to the wind screen frame with two 0.5mm ABS rod pins which you will have to provide.  The molded on wipers must be removed from kit part G16.  A protective PE mesh screen attaches to the front of the frame assembly and over the front windshield to give added protection for the crew.

Doors – The driver, passenger and rear doors receive PE door latch handles and protective mesh screens which mount over the windows.  The mesh screens have small tabs which fold to form the attachment points to mount the screens over the windows.

Cargo Rack – A large PE box frame folds to form box the cargo rack.  While it is not clear in the instructions there are 7 bars, parts D2, which are folded to create front to back square shaped support beams for the rack bottom.  There are 12 U shaped tie down brackets, parts C9, which attach to the outer frame of the rack.  There are 6 sub-assemblies which form the triangular shaped rack mounts.  Not clear in the instructions are the steps for the three bars, parts D1, which are folded into their square beam shape and attached to the rack mount assemblies labeled 2 and 3.  These roof rack mounts attach to the underside of the roof rack which then attaches to the hard top.

Conclusion – This is another great detail set from ET Model and will add some nice enhancements for your Hobbyboss Defender 110.  The set won’t be too challenging for modelers with some PE experience.  The instructions could have been a little clearer roof rack assembly so be sure to study and understand them before gluing anything.  The instructions for the spare tire mount could be improved by providing more guidance for the parts you will have to scratch build; at the very least dimensions for the cylindrical bars and rectangular mounting blocks.  Overall this is a great set and is highly recommended.

Review sample graciously provided by ET Model

ET Model is based in Shanghai China and produces aftermarket photo etch and resin detail/upgrade sets.

Scott Espin – Model Builder International – 


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