This set is designed for the Tamiya German bicycle. The title of the set indicates German bicycle, but it’s pretty generic and it could probably be titled a WW2 style bicycle, and it would fit in with any other WW2 diorama you have in mind.

The set comes in the usual ET Modeller packaging of a plastic bag with card backing. There are 3 small PE frets taped to backing cardboard and a 4th small fret in a separate bag that is also taped down to prevent movement.

This set adds details and improves upon the Tamiya bicycle in a few simple, if small, ways. The first thing you have to do is make yourself some springs. I’m pretty sure these are for use under the saddle as it also states here to remove the plastic underside of the saddle, but doesn’t actually say what to do with the springs you just made.

Next up is removing all the spokes from the plastic wheel and replacing them with PE spokes, 2 sets per wheel with 4 washers going over the axle. A small piece of 0.5mm rod is used for the axle and the mudguard is attached to this. The arms that attach the mudguard are also replaced by PE. The plastic parts that attach the rear wheel to the bicycle are also replaced by PE and some 1.0mm rod. You will need to drill a hole in the end of the rod to insert they eyes for the rear wheel to go into. The axle for the rear wheel is again 0.5mm rod.

The chain and gears are replaced by PE, the chain being made of 2 pieces of PE to give it some scale thickness. Next up is adding the underside of the saddle from 3 pieces of PE and a small piece of 0.5mm rod. I’m pretty sure the springs you made in step 1 come in here but it doesn’t actually show you where.

The final steps are to replace the light mounting bracket and the chain guard and add on the carrying tray over the rear wheel.

Overall this is a nice update to a bicycle to replace the plastic parts that are too big with items that are closer to scale thickness. It also adds a carrying tray to make your bicycle a little different from the crowd.

Thanks to ET Modeller for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International –


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