The set includes 4 engine deck grill screens which mount directly on top of the engine grates.  The grill screens help keep debris and other objects from falling through the grate slats and into the engine and fan compartments.  The PE fret is covered with a thin layer of protective film on both sides and is secured to a piece of black card stock. There are no instructions however the grills are easy enough to install as they simply mount directly to the topside of the engine deck grates.  You can bend them up a little if you want to model your Tiger as a battle hardened veteran.  There is an MG gun sight included as an added bonus.

This is another great release from ET Model and is a great value for the price.  This is also a good set for the beginner who is new to photo etch as there are no folds or other tricky assembly steps required.  Just carefully cut from the fret and plop them down with a little super glue around the edges.

Review sample graciously provided by ET Model

ET Model is based in Shanghai China and produces aftermarket photoetch and resin detail and upgrade sets.

Scott Espin – Model Builder International –


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