The bedspring armor came about as a countermeasure to the German Panzerfaust which was inflicting appalling losses on Soviet tanks during the Battle for Berlin.  Bedsprings confiscated from the local populace were welded to the sides and top of the tank with the intent of causing the Panzerfaust warhead to detonate prematurely.

The set comes packaged in a plastic sleeve with two frets of brass photo etch, one taped to a sheet of black card stock, the other in a small zip lock bag.  Each fret is protected by a thin sheet of clear plastic on both sides.  Instructions are printed on a single sheet of green paper, printed on both sides.

There are five different configurations of the bedspring frames labeled A, B, C, D and E.  Each has different options for the mounting hardware, using either four individual legs or two bars with two legs each.  Review your reference photos carefully to decide which look you want.  Note that one of the options for the frame labeled D has sides to be folded over.

The instructions direct you to mount the frames as follows:

·         Assembly A, frame parts B1, two on each side of the turret

·         Assembly B, frame part A1, one on the top front of the turret

·         Assembly C, frame part A2, one on the rear of the turret

·         Assembly D, frame part A6 or A9, one over the exhaust louvers

·         Assembly E, frame parts A3 (longer) or B2 (shorter), along the hull sides.

Keep in mind this was an expedient means applied in the field so you have a lot of flexibility in choosing which frames to use and where to put them. Another factor to consider is that they were easily damaged or knocked off during combat so you can have some fun tweaking them and making them appear damaged.  Check your references for to get ideas.

This is another great addition to the ET Model lineup and will allow you to model late war Soviet armor with the field modifications to help it survive on the urban battlefield.  This set looks easy to use and would be a great set to start with for those new to photo etch.  I highly recommend this set.

Review sample graciously provided by ET Model

ET Model is based in Shanghai China and produces aftermarket photo etch and resin detail and upgrade sets.

Scott Espin – Model Builder International –


  1. Does anyone know which scale this product is for, as i’ve got some Bolt Action T34s that i’d love to put some bed spring armour on.


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