Avia Decals Tu-134 in Europe

Decal set for 3 paint variants for Tu-134A model in 1/144 scale. Designed for Zvezda kit #7007.


The Tupolev Tu-134 is a twin-engine airliner, built in the Soviet Union from 1966 to 1984. The original version featured a glazed-nose design and, like certain other Russian airliners it can operate from unpaved airfields. One of the most widely used aircraft in former Warsaw Pact countries, the number in active service is decreasing because of noise restrictions. The model has seen long-term service with some 42 countries, with some European airlines having scheduled as many as 12 daily takeoffs and landings per plane. In addition to regular passenger service, it has also been used in various air force, army and navy support roles; for pilot and navigator training; and for aviation research and test projects. In recent years, a number of Tu-134s have been converted for use as VIP transports and business jets. A total of 852 Tu-134s were built of all versions (including test bed examples) with Aeroflot as the largest user; by 1995, the Tu-134 had carried 360 million passengers for that airline.

Decal Options

Tu-134A/A-3 paint variants available in this decal set:

Tu-134A. Interflug, East Germany, Reg.: DDR-SCI, DDR-SCX

Tu-134A-3. LOT, Poland, Reg.: SP-LHD, SP-LHE

Tu-134A. OK Jet (CSA), Czechoslovakia, Reg.: OK-HFL, OK-HFE

Decal Contents

This aftermarket decal sheet comes in a sealed plastic bag with a piece of card for stiffening, a 6 page instruction booklet, a roughly 9″ by 6.5″ decal sheet, a small paint mask sheet and a small correction template.

The instructions are comprehensive to say the least. The first page explains the usage of the correction template. The Zvezda kit has an error in the placement of 2 windows and this template will make sure you drill the new windows in exactly the right places. This page also shows the use of the paint masks that come with this set. The paint masks are used for the cockpit windows, the undercarriage and the cabin windows. Pages 2 to 4 show the placement of the main decals for each of the 3 options. The last 2 pages show the placement of the various stencils common to all 3 decal options.

The decal sheet has minimal carrier film and the whites look nice and solid. The decals were printed by Begemot and are very good quality with no problems.

The paint mask and correction sheet are as good as anything else on the market.


This is a good quality decal sheet for anyone wanting to make an eastern European Tu-134. I particularly like the addition of the paint masks and the correction template. It speaks to the dedication of Avia Decals when they supply a correction template to correct the model their decals are about to go onto!

Highly recommended….I’m going to get myself the Zvezda kit and give these a go!

Many thanks to Avia Decals for the review sample.

Source: Wikipedia

Paul Tosney – Model Builder International – www.modelbuilderinternational.com


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